Guide to Scholarships for Accounting Majors

An advanced degree represents an investment of money and time. If you are debating whether earning a master’s degree is the right choice for your career goals, you may wish to review our guide for earning a master’s in accounting. If you are in the process of applying to or completing your master’s, you are likely predisposed to consider the return on investment for a master’s degree in accounting given the high cost of higher education – and may be looking for ways to improve it. The following recommendations and resources for accounting scholarships can help you make your graduate education more affordable.

Though there are many scholarships and grants available for accounting majors, it is rare for these to cover the full cost of an advanced education. Most students at least partially fund their education through student loans; therefore, it’s best to be aware of the salary, career growth, and cost of living expectations for accounting professionals in your state so that you can estimate how much you can afford to pay for your education.

Sources of Scholarships

Major corporations with strong connections to their surrounding communities will often support local colleges and universities through endowments, grants, and scholarships, knowing that the graduates who they help finance are likely to seek accounting careers at their organizations.

Professional associations, civic groups, and government agencies also award scholarships to students at various levels of education, including opportunities geared towards students seeking master’s degrees in accounting. Other avenues of scholarship money include nonprofit agencies, such as those that promote the advancement of minorities.

Medical conditions often provide a link between students and scholarship money, too. There are special scholarship funds for students who are visually or hearing impaired and for those diagnosed with chronic conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes, for example. Check with research and education foundations associated with any medical condition you might have for resources that can help you with your education as well as your well-being.

Scholarships may have even further eligibility requirements; some are designed specifically for full-time students, while others may be open only to part-time students. Scholarships may also be specific to students who are completing an online accounting degree program. In addition, many scholarship programs allow online applications while others must be routed through your school. Each scholarship carries its own guidelines and a deadline that simply cannot be overlooked. The same is true for every entry in the list of accounting scholarships below.

While the below list of accounting scholarships is extensive, it is by no means complete. Every college and university offering a master’s in accounting degree program has its own scholarship programs. Many alumni will share their success with future professionals by providing scholarship endowment money to their alma mater. These endowments are usually available only to students attending that school. To maximize your opportunities, work closely with the financial aid and career counselors at your school. They are well aware of the opportunities available to students and finding money to finance student education is the focus of their work. For even more advice from established professionals on making the most of your accounting education and career, see our collection of career interviews.

Scholarships Offered on a Nationwide Basis

State-Specific Scholarship Opportunities for Students

Accounting School Information by State