Top Accounting Blogs

Our Top Accounting Blogs reflect the blend of traditional principles, modern perspectives, and revolutionary technologies that are shaping the profession and its industry today, frequently busting staid stereotypes in the process. Find a variety of viewpoints, straightforward advice, and updates on issues that affect everyone with an eye on the bottom line.

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The Summa
Bracing and always informed commentary is the order of the day on “The Summa,” a blog by Professor David Albrecht that takes its title from a 15th C. tome yet includes musings on social media influence, accounting firm flash mobs, nomadic auditors and technology’s disruptive impact in the classroom.

Law professor Linda Beale delves deeply to demystify tax topics ranging from A to Z in order to enlighten wage earners and small employers – instead of fat cats and politicians with Swiss bank accounts; understanding the tax system to avoid being unfairly burdened is a message driven home on “ataxingmatter.”

Tick Marks
Austin Peay accounting professor Dan Meyer is the author of this long-running blog that comments on accounting related news and tax issues. Professor Meyer also covers accounting standards, tax law, the IRS, and the accounting industry.

Convergence Coaching
The team at Convergence Coaching shares leadership, marketing, and productivity tips for accountants and CPA firms on their Inspired Ideas blog. The blog explores leadership lessons that can be learned from effective leaders of CPA firms through their “Leadership Spotlight” series.

Summing It Up
On this blog written by the Freed Maxick team, you will find informative articles covering accounting laws and their business implications in multiple industries from technology to healthcare. Topics include choosing the right legal entity for your company to changes in tax rules for offshore bank accounts.

Accountex Report
This multi-author blog provides technical information on accounting solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses and the accountants who support them. It also covers accounting software, best business practices, and accounting productivity tools.

Energized Accounting
Bill Kennedy is a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada and former CFO of the United Church of Canada. At Energized Accounting, Bill shares his insights on accounting for charities, accounting software, and professional development as well as war stories from his career.

The Saga of a Reformed Beancounter
Calvin Harris, an “On Call CFO” and former president of the National Association of Black Accountants, writes the CPA blog for Harvin Consulting, covering topics such as cash projection, entrepreneurship, avoiding credit card fraud, and the drawbacks of factoring receivables.

View From the Rock
The View From the Rock is written by the partners and professionals at ShindelRock accounting firm in Novi, Michigan. This blog has been active since 2010 and covering topics like tax issues, business consulting, trust and estate taxes, and changes in laws that affect taxpayers.

Firm Footing
Firm Footing features timely and newsworthy topics from thought leaders at the Maine accounting firm BerryDunn. Whether it’s an opinion, the implications of tax law changes, or a humorous take on leadership challenges, the blog aims to keep readers informed and prepared to address new business opportunities and challenges.

The Crunch Blog
Crunch is an accounting software company for United Kingdom small businesses and their blog discusses accounting and small business from a UK perspective. The blog features stories of small business owners who are using accounting to grow their companies and useful tips on UK business taxes.

Engineered Tax Services Blog
The Engineered Tax Services blog provides tax specific updates and information relating to specific IRS tax incentives. The blog covers a range of tax incentives including explanations of deductions for energy efficient buildings and research and development.

Appletree Business Services
As the blog voice of New Hampshire-based “Appletree Business Services,” CPA Steve Feinberg discusses deductions on everything from pets to diets, distinguishing subcontractor vs. employee status, the value of bookkeeping for small business and the best response when an IRS letter arrives.

Treasury Cafe
David K. Waltz is a financial officer at a Fortune 500 company who provides detailed explanations of advanced financial topics on Treasury Cafe. Waltz breaks down financial formulas, statistical analyses, and key business ideas to empower financial professionals with the knowledge to be successful.

Professor Elam
San Antonio A & M accounting students are the prime audience for this blog spiced with terms like siege mentality and chaos theory, but “Professor Elam” offers plenty of commentary with broad appeal, including the writing lessons illustrated by the best automotive writers, ethics exemplified in classic movies and headlines that demonstrate textbook accounting principles.

Audit, Compliance and Risk Blog
Ron Pippin, former audit partner in Arthur Andersen, member of the Andersen “national office,” director of financial reporting for a Fortune 50 company, and director of a premier online accounting research database, keeps readers up to date on new developments at the FASB, IASB, PCAOB, SEC and other organizations that shape accounting and audit practices.

Freaking Accountant
Seton Hall University Chair of Accounting & Taxation Mark Holtzman edits “Freaking Accountant,” a blog consisting of clear-headed analysis and occasional rants with reflections on the value of a CPA in an audit, the debate over online sales tax and the silver lining for accounting grads in the inevitability of death and taxes.

Marketing Ideas for CPAs
This blog provides tips and ideas for promoting an accounting practice with marketing best practices. The informative articles by the team at BBR Marketing also explain how to use social media and content marketing strategies to attract new clients.

Dental CPAs
Providing specialized support for dental practitioners is a mission begun in 1956 by the team of “Dental CPAs” who advise and answer reader questions on subjects that include buying or selling a practice, equipment depreciation, compensation packages for employees and putting a spouse on the payroll.

Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders
Author, speaker, and consultant Rita Keller of Keller Advisors, LLC peppers “Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders” with thought-provoking quotes and posts that range from preparing for the wave of millennials and harnessing the power of social media to valuing interns and applying investigative skills to qualify leads.

CPA Technology Blog
The impact of social media, QR codes for bloggers and must-have mobile tools for accounting professionals are hot topics on “CPA Technology Blog” by Knoxville, TN-based Brian Tankersley, CPA and CITP who provides reviews, offers tech walk-throughs and makes a pilgrimage to Vegas in order to provide coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show.

elementsCPA Insights
The elementsCPA team offers straightforward advice and information, including a rundown of potential tax penalties for individuals, shifting perspectives on spending and saving for individuals and businesses, understanding cost deductions, and timely tax tips.

Price CPAs
Costly mistakes and myths affecting small business tax filers, factors that affect retirement timing, the impact of health reform at tax time, and business travel tips to maximize deductions and keep earning on vacation are examples of the practical advice and information shared by the Nashville-based CPA team who make up “Price CPAs.”

CPA in Erie, CO
Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug to found her own accounting service, Michelle Edwards offers a to-do list for start-up creators along with cash flow management strategies, tips for QuickBooks users, updates on tax legislation and handy references to keep up with end-of-the-month and year-end bookkeeping on “CPA in Erie, CO.”

Redpath and Company
Redpath CPAs offer smart advice for deducting charitable contributions, qualifying for credit, depreciating assets, and keeping a business in the family. The Redpath CPAs blog also offers timely advice relating to individual tax matters.

China Accounting Blog
At the “China Accounting Blog,” Peking University professor Paul Gillis and MBA student Liu Bing provide insightful observations of the state of accounting in China including discussion of financial fraud, US CPA firms in China, and the Chinese Accounting Standards.

Leverage SALT
On “Leverage SALT” Richmond, VA-based multistate tax consultant, author and presenter Brian Strahle is committed to helping clients gain leverage, offering specialized advice for companies that conduct business across state lines, examining the tax implications of restructuring, identifying and addressing tax blind spots and emphasizing the importance of heeding the ongoing debate surrounding online sales.

“THRIVEal” blogger and THRIVE Tribe muse Jason Blumer explores technology that is changing the profession and strategies for creating a results-only workplace; he is also joined by fellow next-generation CPA Greg Kyte on podcasts that celebrate their disruptive mission and expose viewers to the wisdom of guest authors.

Our Taxing Times
Common sense advice and an occasional rant are served up by Kansas-based Trish McIntire on “Our Taxing Times,” where this longtime tax preparer offers reasons to hang onto tax return copies, insight into the intent behind the creation of the Earned Income Credit, tax strategies for those with education expenses and a personal plea to tax procrastinators.

The Wandering Tax Pro
As “The Wandering Tax Pro,” New Jersey-based Robert Flach deals with the state’s dubious distinction as one of the worst places for taxpayers, reflects on fairness in the tax code, cautions against choosing a big chain tax preparer and offers a tax news roundup along with earnest commentary.

The Bond Beebe Blog
The Bond Beebe blog reflects the mission of a firm that traces its roots back 80 years and is committed to making taxes less taxing for filers, discussing tax law updates, little-known opportunities for tax savings and tax tips for landlords and a variety of filing statuses.

Rapacki + Co.
With a commitment to client empowerment, CPA and Personal Financial Specialist Joe Rapacki is the voice of “Rapacki + Co.” who shares year-end tax strategies, advice to ensure a family business beats the long odds against lasting beyond the third generation and a look at turning in a tax cheat through the IRS whistleblower program.

Roth & Company, PC
Joe Kristen brings a passion for understanding the tax code to Iowa-based “Roth & Company, P.C.: Tax Update Blog,” collecting and commenting on tax headlines spotlighting arcane tax laws, inane state income tax rules, failed tax scofflaws and textbook cases – along with issuing a caveat for ordinary tax filers considering claiming losses.

Joe Hoyle: Teaching – Getting the Most From Your Students
University of Richmond Professor Joe Hoyle covers topics ranging from effectively teaching accounting to favorite teaching quotes to motivation (The $10 Million Question). This blog is great for prospective accounting students for learning tips and advice for success in the accounting classroom. Professor Hoyle also gave a Last Lecture that is definitely worth watching.

Skoda Minotti Advisory Blog
Written by the staff of the CPA and business advisory firm Skoda Minotti, this advisory blog shares regulatory news, valuation and litigation advice, marketing for CPAs, risk management, and more. Skoda Minotti was recently named one of the 10 Best Accounting Websites for Startups by Entrepreneur.com.

Accounting Practice Insights
Accounting Practice Insights by Poe Group Advisors provides unique perspectives on the management of accounting practices. Their blog offers columns on a wide range of topics including buying a CPA firm, succession planning, firm culture, business development, consulting, pricing, and team building to name a few. Author Brannon Poe is also a frequent columnist for CPA Insider.

Porte Brown News & Publications
Porte Brown Accountants and Advisors releases a weekly newsletter packed with topical news as well as opinions and insights written by the firm’s experienced partners and staff. Articles span a variety of topics from tax planning, valuations, and real estate to human resources planning and managing virtual currencies. Visitors can access current newsletters as well as archives of past issues.

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More Excellent Accounting Blogs Worth Checking Out

Diving into the Details
A couple outdated accounting books hold special meaning to Las Vegas-based CPA and technophile Dustin Wheeler, who shares social media strategies, tips on blogging and software tools plus insight into what’s really at stake when companies outsource IT on “Diving into the Details.”

CPA Success
While bloggers Tom Hood and Bill Sheridan represent the Maryland Association of CPAs on “CPA Success,” their focus isn’t limited to MACPA news and the merits of professional association membership, instead weighing in on the new generation of savers and the role of CPAs in retirement planning, industry must-reads for the year ahead and the evolution of accounting firm leadership.

RE: The Auditors
Columnist and consultant Francine McKenna draws on a quarter-century of expertise to take the pulse of an industry on “Re: The Auditors,” a blog with a newspaper layout that reflects its content: news and views inspired by headlines that belie stodgy stereotypes by featuring rogue firms, scandal, intrigue, and shakeups.

The Blunt Bean Counter
With an intended audience of taxpayers in any bracket, Toronto-based Mark Goodfield shares tips for avoiding an audit by Canada’s version of the IRS, offers simple strategies for logging expenses, advocates diversifying investments but not advisors and doesn’t mince words as “The Blunt Bean Counter.”

The Accounting Onion
Tom Selling may be officially retired, but the CPA, PhD, tech company co-founder, consultant and voice of “The Accounting Onion” is still at work demystifying his professional field by extracting the core issues often obscured by industry mumbo-jumbo, taking on the Big Four and pondering the dearth of academic accountant bloggers, while proudly wearing the label of champion of lost causes.

OSYB Number Crunch
Ed Becker focuses on the advantages of enlisting outside bookkeeping expertise as creator of Outsource Your Books and “OSYB Number Crunch,” where the New York-based CPA expounds on separating business from personal finances, finding best-fit accounting software, managing cash flow and staying alert to bank statement warning signs to avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t Mess with Taxes
Along with insight into taxes on the campaign trail, Texan journalist and former Congressional staffer Kay Bell offers smart advice in easy-to-swallow doses on “Don’t Mess with Taxes,” with regular features that include daily tax tips, ‘by the numbers’ stats that put things in perspective, and a calendar to help stay on track and trim taxes year-round.

Nicholas J. Pennewell, CPA – Where Every Penny Matters
The Florida-based blogger behind “Nicholas J. Pennewell, CPA – Where Every Penny Matters” shares a wealth of straightforward advice and timely news, including a list of tax breaks facing extinction, last-minute strategies for trimming a tax bill and ways that homeowners, military personnel, parents, and others can save at filing time.

Farm CPA Today
With the perspective formed by four generations of farming, Paul Neiffer focuses on the special concerns of members of the agricultural industry on “Farm CPA Today,” including equipment and building depreciation, retirement planning, determining the sustainability of a farm operation and effective farm branding that doesn’t involve a hot iron!

International Tax Blog
International tax attorney Andrew Mitchell delivers updates on tax rulings and reflects on the growing expatriate trend, foreign trusts and pensions, implicit lessons in notorious tax cases and the best tax havens around the world on “International Tax Blog.”

Small Business Profit Explosion
Discovering marketing lessons in a Vegas vacation, identifying the primary factors when small businesses fail, understanding the lifetime value of clients – and why some customers aren’t worth courting – exemplify the smart and sensible advice shared by 35-year CPA professional Wayne Belisle on “Small Business Profit Explosion.”