Accounting Interviews and Advice

    Read our career interviews with accounting professionals who share insights from their experience and advice for accountants entering the field.

    Russell Fox
    Principal, Clayton Financial and Tax

    Anthony Cantanach
    Associate Professor, Villanova University

    Bill Kennedy
    Owner, Energized Accounting

    William Byrnes
    Associate Dean, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    Rodney Alsup
    Professor Emeritus, Kennesaw State University

    Paul Gillis
    Professor, Peking University

    Wray Rives
    President, Rives CPA

    Mark Holtzman
    Associate Professor, Seton Hall University

    J. Edward Ketz
    Professor, Pennsylvania State University

    Mike Sylvester
    Managing Partner, SBS CPA Group

    Lance Jacob
    Principal, Naden/Lean

    Adam Boatsman
    Partner, Boatsman Gillmore Wagner PLLC

    Interview with Dr. James Martin, Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida

    Interview with Professor Annette Nellen, CPA, Director of the MS Taxation Program at San José State University

    Interview with Eric Butts, CPA, and author of the Never Less Than Success Blog

    Interview with Theresa Hrncir, Massey Professor of Accounting/Finance at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

    Interview Robert Flach, 40-Year Veteran Tax Professional

    Interview with Joe Kristan, Author of the Roth CPA Tax Update Blog